Many accidents that happen in the East Valley could have easily been prevented if drivers had simply shown more caution and care. Parking lots are one place where accidents can be easily avoided. Here are a few tips to keep yourself, and others, safe when parking.

  1. Expect other drivers to behave horribly
    Always expect the unexpected. Drivers will be distracted by their cell phones, music, or passengers. Being extra vigilant in your driving can save you the headache of a car accident.
  2. Slow down
    A shopping center isn’t the right place to practice for Nascar. Make a conscious effort to slow down. Limiting your speed through a parking lot will increase your perspective as you watch for hazards.
  3. Always be looking for pedestrians
    Even if you don’t visibly see any pedestrians, drive as if someone could jump out in front of your car at any minute. Whether it’s a young child or a careless adult, its easy for pedestrians to lower their guard as they walk through parking lots…so its best to increase yours!
  4. Exercise safe driving protocol
    Turn your music down (or off) and end conversations with passengers to increase your concentration. Using your signals to indicate your intentions is just as important in parking lots as it is out on the road. Consistently be checking blind spots to be fully aware of your surroundings.

If you or someone you know has been in an accident in a parking lot (or elsewhere), contact The Law Office of Thomas Grier to discuss your case and seek compensation.