Like all states, Arizona has a law known as “statute of limitations” that sets a time limit on bringing injury cases to court. If your claim is not filed within this time period, you forfeit any further right to bring legal action and recover any monetary damages. The law regarding statutes of limitation is complex and can change from time to time; a personal injury attorney will be able to properly advise you regarding any statute of limitation issues in your case and assure your case is filed within the proper time frame.

Personal injury cases in Arizona have a statute of limitations of 2 years. If you or someone you know if injured in an accident or suffer from medical malpractice, the clock starts ticking the day the injury occurred. However, if you suffer a hidden injury that isn’t discovered until later, your two-year time limit may start on the date you discover the injury, rather than the date of the accident. If your claim is against a city, county, or the State of Arizona, you are limited to filing within one year rather than two.

The facts of your case will determine the exact amount of time you have to file before your time is up. If you or a loved one have a past personal injury claim and are unsure of the statute of limitations on your specific case, contact The Law Office of Thomas Grier for a consultation to help you receive just compensation for your injuries.