According to The Arizona Department of Transportation, there were a total of 107,348 crashes in 2013. Among those, 50,284 people were injured and 844 were killed. While we often think drunk driving is the cause behind most accidents, there are other types of accidents that pose higher risks.

Type of Accident Injured Killed
Alcohol Related Accidents 3,480 262
Speed Related Accidents 19,015 226
Urban Crashes 40,843 443
Rural Crashes 9,441 401
Drivers Under 24 Years 7,718 92


Arizona’s roadways may also play a role in car accidents. A combination of traffic density, less than ideal road conditions, and irresponsible driving and pedestrian habits can result in increased accidents. But drivers cannot expect ideal road and traffic conditions each time they get behind the wheel. Knowing and following the laws of the road, and being aware of all surroundings, is something that drivers can control.

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